He Could Not Hear For 30 Years And Then Everything Changed

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After not being able to hear since he was a baby, this deaf man hears for the first time in 30 years. His family was there to witness everything, and it was such a priceless moment you do not want to miss.

When Joey Augusta was just 14 months old, he got diagnosed with spinal meningitis. His condition affected his ability to hear. It left him with only 50% hearing in his right ear. He went through his entire life without being able to hear clearly.

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And then 30 years later, everything changed. He got an implant and was with his family at the Audiologist to get the implant activated. It did not take long for him to have the chance to try out his new hearing ability.

Once his implant was activated, it did not take long for him to be able to hear normally. He was able to quickly tell who was speaking to him. Everyone was shocked by how he was quickly able to pick up on the different sounds of his family's voices. He began to get so emotional because he can finally tell who is speaking to him. Joey started crying and his family began to cry with him.

His hearing is exceptional for the implant to have been activated for only a half an hour. Even the Audiologist is impressed! She did another hearing test to see if Joey can repeat all of the colors that she says. She had Joey repeat all of the colors after her and he got them all right. Joey began to cry again, overwhelmed by the joy of what this meant for him and his family. He could not believe that he could finally hear! This moment is so beautiful.

WATCH: Deaf Man Hears For The First Time

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