Long-Lost Sisters Miraculously Reunite After 30 Years

orphaned korean sisters reunited

Meet Meagan and Holly. They are orphaned Korean sisters. To look at the picture below, you'd assume they've always been close. But the truth is, they just recently met each other for the first time. Some would call it chance. Some would call it fate. But we know the amazing way in which these two were reunited was in fact orchestrated by our mighty and powerful God!

Orphaned Korean Sisters Get Separated At A Young Age

The last time these sisters had seen each other was when they were very young and lived in Korea. The younger sister, Meagan (originally Eun-Sook), was sneaking out in the night with her mother, never to return. Meagan's mom was leaving the alcoholic father the two girls shared.

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The mother of the the older sister, Holly (originally Pok-nam Shin), had died before Holly had ever had a chance to know her. And with the departure of Meagan and her mom, Holly's dad was now all she had. But by the time she was 5 years old, she'd lost him too. In a drunken stupor, he'd accidentally meandered into the path of a speeding train.

For the next few years, Holly lived in a Korean orphanage. Being one of the older children at the orphanage, she was often put in charge of the younger kids, including the babies. She found she liked caring for others very much — a calling that God would use later in her life.

Different Paths For Orphaned Korean Sisters

She was finally adopted at age 9 by an American couple and relocated to Alexandria, VA where she was given her new name and a new life. But she always remembered that somewhere out in the world, she had a sister.

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In fact, her adoptive parents made two separate calls, several years apart, to the orphanage to try to find Holly's sister. But, because Meagan and her mom had left prior to the passing of the girls' father, the orphanage was not aware that Holly did, in fact, have a sister.

Meanwhile, Meagan was getting a new life as well.

Because she was so little, she has no recollection of her father and barely remembers her biological mother or what happened to her. She only faintly remembers living in a Korean orphanage, where, at age 5, she too was adopted by an American family and relocated to Kingston, NY.

Meagan's family later moved to Venice, FL and she eventually found her way into nursing. When she became a physical therapy assistant at a rehabilitation center, she became friends with one of her colleagues, Matthew Nelms. The two shared the same dream of one day working at the Doctors Hospital in Sarasota.

When Matthew was finally landed a job at the hospital, Meagan begged him to help get her in too. And that's right where God intended for her to be!

God’s Plan At Work For Orphaned Korean Sisters

Holly had also found her way into physical therapy. While in Virginia, she worked in a nursing home until she and her husband at the time moved to Sarasota. There, Holly worked in a Rehabilitation Center until finally landing a job at the Doctors Hospital. She began working on the fourth floor, with the medical-surgical unit. Julie Bennett, a clinical nurse manager from that unit says,

"I met Holly in December. She had a very earnest quality about her, very service-oriented, so we hired her, and she's been a great employee. But we also had Matt Nelms telling us about Meagan, you need to look at Meagan . . ."

And this was all just part of God's incredible plan! Three months later, Meagan went to work for the same hospital, and was assigned to the same unit and 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. shift as Holly. The two hit it off right away. They couldn't help but notice how many similarities there were between the two of them, and neither could everyone else. Holly says,

"One of the patients told me there was another nurse, named Meagan, who was from Korea. She said, ‘you should talk to her, maybe you're from the same town.'"

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Holly and Meagan began having lunch together and meeting outside of work. As they continued to talk and the similarities continued to add up, they quickly began to realize that all of this was too much to just be a coincidence. Both were originally from the same city in Korea. Both were adopted by American families from Korean orphanages only a few years apart. Both shared the same Korean last name.

Orphaned Korean Sisters Know They’ve Found Home

Finally, a DNA test confirmed what the two already knew in their hearts. God had brought these long lost sisters back together! And with the amazing circumstances under which the two were reunited, no one can deny that He was behind it all. Matthew Nelms, colleague and long-time friend to Meagan says,

"Everything had to happen just right for them to meet, and the odds of that were like a miracle. I still can't believe it."

As for Meagan and Holly, they are finally enjoying life with the piece of them each always felt had been missing. A blessing for which both women are incredibly grateful. As Holly stands next to her sister, she tearfully says,

"I have this very strong belief that God must be . . .Like, whatever I've done, I must've done something good in my life. He…send me [a] miracle. That He knows I was looking for her."

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