Devoted Dad Shows Up In Tutu For Parent’s Night At 8-Year-Old’s Dance Class

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Folks everywhere are calling Thanh Tran a super dad. Not only did he show up for Parent’s Night at his 8-year-old stepdaughter’s ballet class, but the devoted dad donned a tutu as well, just so he could see her smile!

8-year-old Adriana Cross usually asks her mom, Rebecca Tran, to join her in her ballet class’ Parent’s Night. But this year, her mom is 7 months pregnant. So, while Rebecca still attended, she wasn’t quite up for pliés and pirouettes.

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And so, Adrianna asked Thanh to step in. But just showing up wasn’t enough. She had an additional request. She wanted her musclebound dad to wear the same fluffy black tutu her mom wore one year in her costume as the Black Swan!

His Little Girl’s Smile

Thanh could have let his ego get in the way. He could have said “no” to Adriana’s special request. But making his daughter’s day was way more important to him, and the devoted dad donned a tutu and leotard with pride!

"I knew it would bring a lot of joy to my daughter," he said. "Seeing her big smile when I walked in was all worth it."

And according to Rebecca, this kind of dedication is nothing new for Thanh. In fact, it’s one of the things she loves dearly about him.

"He's been in her life since she was 4 years old and she's never been a step-daughter to him. Seeing them together is what made me realize he was the man I was going to marry," Rebecca explained. "He has never missed a parent-daughter moment in 4 years. Every field trip, every school activity, every practice, he's been there. Adriana can count on him."

Internet Applauds After Devoted Dad Donned A Tutu

Rebecca may not have been able to participate in the ballet class. But you best believe she showed up to watch, and take plenty of pictures!

"He stepped up to fill in for me. It was mostly moms participating," she says. "I loved it! I thought it was very sweet and funny too."

And the precious photos were posted on social media, folks all across the internet were applauding Thanh for taking his “dad duty” so seriously!

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Thanh admits the class was harder than he expected, but tons of fun.

"It was pretty tough," he said. "But we had fun and we all had a good laugh on my expense."

But most importantly, Adriana, who tends to take her ballet classes very seriously, had a great time.

“She was very proud of me and told me she loved me 20-something times,” Thanh wrote on Facebook. “I knew what it meant to her, and knew it would make memories. She takes ballet very seriously, taking it three times-a-week; so it was nice to see her laughing throughout the class. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!”

WATCH: Devoted Dad Dons A Tutu At Daughter’s Dance Class

Yep, we have to agree. Thanh is definitely a super dad!

h/t: People

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