Devotionals Daily: A Year with Jesus – December 28

Devotionals Daily: A Year with Jesus

From Hope for Each Day: Morning and Evening Devotionsby Billy Graham

The Suffering Servant

He was wounded for our transgressions.

-Isaiah 53:5

Jesus' life began in the midst of persecution and peril. He came on a mission of love and mercy, sent by the Father. An angel announced His conception and gave Him His name. The Heavenly host sang a glorious anthem at His birth. By the extraordinary star, the very Heavens indicated His coming. He was the most illustrious child ever born-the holy child of Mary, the divine Son of God.

Yet no sooner did He enter our world than Herod decreed His death and labored to accomplish it. Warned by God in a dream, Joseph fled Bethlehem at night, taking Mary and the baby Jesus to Egypt until Herod's death finally made it safe to return.

The only Son of the eternal Father, Jesus entered time and was made in the likeness of man. He assumed our human nature with all its infirmities, and weakness, and capacity for suffering. He came as a child of the poorest parents. His entire life was one long pathway of humiliation.

But now Jesus reigns in Heaven, no longer limited by time and space. And someday He will come again-this time in glory-to take us to Himself.

©Hope for Each Day 2002, 2012 by Billy Graham

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