Devotionals Daily: A Year with Jesus – May 5, 2013

Devotionals Daily: A Year with Jesus


From Good Morning, Lord by Sheila Walsh

Today, I will, with faith–however shaky­–in your love for me and in your healing power, reach out and touch the hem of your garment.    

She had been bleeding for twelve years, and, despite all the money she had spent on medical bills, no doctor had been able to help her. An out­cast in society, penniless, and desperate, she decided to try to touch the hem of the Healer’s robe. What if I am able to touch him—and nothing happens? I have to try. How could my life be any worse than it is now? Pushing through the dense crowd, she reached out her bone-weary arm and touched Jesus’ robe. Suddenly something happened! It was as if someone had pulled open the drapes, and dazzling, healing light poured into the darkest part of her soul (see Mark 5:25–34).

Be encouraged by this woman’s experience. First, she took a risk. She didn’t succumb to that inner voice of shame that told her she shouldn’t even show her face in public. Second, she reached out to Jesus himself. The body of Christ can indeed be vessels of healing love and hope, but we must never forget that Christ is the head. Third, this precious woman—the only person in all four Gospels whom Jesus addressed as “daughter”—told her story and allowed herself to be seen. She could have walked away when Jesus asked, “Who touched me?” Then she would have been physically healed but still sick at heart. So I encourage you to take the risk of going to Jesus for healing. He can release you from your shame and then use your story to encourage others.

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