Doctors Put A Baby Boy Into A Freezer Bag To Save Him

They Put Her Baby In A Freezer Bag!

You’ve heard of a person freezing to death. But when doctors put little Theo Buckingham into a freezer bag, it was actually so that this miracle baby could be frozen to life!

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Theo was the first boy for Rebecca and Chris Buckingham, but made the third child for the couple. It was a smooth pregnancy, and though it was a long delivery, they had no reason to expect any trouble. In fact, the couple thought nothing of it when their baby boy was whisked away by the nurses — it was probably just a precaution.

But that assumption changed quickly when they learned their son was on the brink of death, forcing the doctors and nurses to resort to extreme measures.

“He couldn’t breathe when he came out and his heart stopped,” Rebecca recalls. “He needed CPR and resuscitation and was put into a hypothermic blanket to cool him right down. It was horrific and completely unexpected.”

Theo was wrapped in a bubbled cooling blanket which was pumped full of freezing water. The purpose was to put the newborn into a state of hypothermia in order to prevent swelling and damage of the brain due to the lack of oxygen he was receiving while doctors worked to resuscitate his heart. The infant’s temperature was lowered from the normal 98.6ºF to 91.4ºF for 72 hours.

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Credit: Caters News Agency

It was a terrifying time for Rebecca and Chris, and doctors warned that even if Theo pulled through, he could very well suffer from physical and mental disabilities. But at 5 days old, God sent a miracle. Little Theo began breathing on his own!

“We wept after we held him properly for the first time, just days after we thought we would lose him,” says Rebecca.

Clearly God had a bigger plan for this child’s life. He was able to go home with his family after only 8 days in the hospital!

“He is now absolutely fine, he is just a normal, happy baby looking forward to a normal life,” Rebecca happily reports.

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In fact, the precious little boy just celebrated his first birthday — a true blessing!

“I never thought my little boy would see his first birthday. We were lucky really – as not every hospital offers this kind of specialist treatment,” says Rebecca.

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Credit: Caters News Agency

As a way to show their appreciation of all the medical staff did to help their son, Rebecca and Chris have been raising money so that they can make a donation to the hospital where Theo was treated.

Praise God for guiding the doctors and nurses, and for providing the miracle needed to save this baby’s life!

“Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for you are my praise.” Jeremiah 17:14


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