Little Boy Hugs His Furry Best Friend And The Sweet Dog Returns The Favor

dog hugs boy

Two of the most adorable creations in the world being buddies – this dog hugs boy just because he loves him. How…ADORABLE! This little boy is shorter than his Golden retriever and leans into his fluff to hug him. And every. single. time. the pooch hugs back!

Now, this is a friendship I want to know more about. I will never get enough wholesome content. Luckily, their friendship can be seen in multiple videos on their mom's TikTok account!

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Charlie, the human, and Louie, the dog, love spending time together. Their mom, Olivia, must've thought it was too cute to not share. We agree!

In the clip, the boys are next to each other when Charlie turns to hug his best friend. He almost gets lost in the fur since he's smaller! After he lets go, Louie decides to return the favor. The dog hugs the boy back to let his buddy know the love is mutual.

Louie actually sits up on his back legs and puts his arms around Charlie. The part when Louie wraps his paws around Charlie's hands really gets me. It's one of those moments that just makes you smile.

WATCH: Dog Hugs Boy Back


He always hugs back ##dogs ##goldens

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The video of the dog and boy hugging each other has over five million likes on TikTok. I'm wondering why the other 12 million that saw the video didn't like it! They must've not actually been watching. That's the only explanation.

Another video shows clips of the dynamic duo doing all kinds of things together. Charlie joins the dog on the dog bed for some cuddling. Louie helps Charlie clean up the popcorn mess on the couch — and he's definitely loving the snack!

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Olivia probably said goodbye to hand wipes a long time ago because Louie seems more than happy to clean up Charlie's face and hands!

WATCH: Special Friendship Of Charlie And Louie


Buddies 💕#goldens #dogs #mansbestestfriend


We absolutely love these two little cuties and hope for plenty more Charlie and Louie content!

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