Woman Looks Up To Heaven And Sees Image Of Her Dog In The Clouds Hours After He Passed

dog in the clouds

Lucy Ledgeway lost her childhood pet and was comforted after seeing her dog in the clouds. The 14-year-old Parson Russel Terrier named Sunny died right before the family was going to take her to the vet. Lucy wanted a sign that Sunny was okay, and she found it in the sky.

The Ledgeway family rescued little Sunny when she was just a year old. Lucy grew up with this pooch and finally had to say goodbye. Losing a pet can be just as difficult as losing a person.

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In her last year of life, the vet diagnosed Sunny with diabetes and gave her about a year to live. For 13 months, Sunny took insulin and lived a happy life. There was a scare a few days before she actually passed, but was able to enjoy one more day with her humans. She even got some potato chips!

Sunny sadly died the next day in her dad's arms after having a seizure.

Grieving Owner Sees Her Dog In The Clouds

Lucy was, of course, heartbroken and told her boyfriend that she wanted a sign that Sunny was alright. And within a couple of hours, Lucy saw that sign.

Little Sunny's face popped up in the clouds just to let Lucy know that dogs go to heaven, and Sunny was surely up there with endless toys and treats.

Lucy said, "The thing is, I was sad all day and then as soon as I saw her, it just made me laugh. It made me giggle to myself and it made me happy. And I think that happening has made it easier to grieve."

Luckily, Lucy had enough time to snap a picture of the dog in the clouds before it faded away. She sent the picture to her mom, and she agreed that it looked exactly like Sunny. So Lucy posted the cloud and a picture of her pup side-by-side on Twitter. The picture got almost 100,000 likes!

Lucy asked for a sign and God answered. Bless cute, little Sunny up in heaven!

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