Dog Interrupts A Soccer Game And Has A Happy Ending Waiting After He’s Carried Off The Field

dog interrupts soccer game cachito

A playful stray dog interrupts a soccer game and has everyone laughing with his antics. But the funny moment ended up bringing about a happy ending for the homeless pup that no one saw coming!

During a Christmas Eve soccer match in Bolivia, something quite unexpected happened.

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Somehow a stray dog found his way into the Hernando Siles Stadium and out onto the field. And for about 3 minutes, all eyes were on this adorable pup!

Dog Runs Onto Field And Interrupts Soccer Game

As the two teams face off, the stray dog interrupts the soccer game by running onto the field with a player’s shoe in his mouth!

The pup is more than happy to lay on the field, sniffing at and chewing on the soccer boot. But then an official heads his way and the fluffy intruder snatches up his stolen treasure and runs off.

The game continues and the playful pup frolics around with the shoe dangling from his mouth.

As the dog interrupts the soccer game at hand, his tail wags furiously and you can tell he is content to be right in the middle of all the action. He even finds another place to plop down and resume chewing on the shoe he pilfered.

Eventually, the game pauses and some players make their way over to the uninvited guest. The sweet pooch lets them take back the shoe and rolls around on the ground, eating up all the attention and pets he is getting. They try to shoo him off the field but the dog just rolls over, looking for belly rubs!

The players are so sweet with the playful pup. And one player, Raúl Castro, eventually scoops the dog up into his arm and carries him off the field.

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After his 15 minutes of fame, the stray dog returned to the streets and things took a bit of a tragic turn. But the dog interrupting the soccer game was the first step towards the happy ending that was waiting for him!

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Apparently, with the game going on, no one stopped to worry about what would become of the stray dog. He ended up back on the streets and in bad shape.

A few days after the dog interrupted the soccer game, he got hit by a car. Thankfully, a local animal rescue came and picked him up. They started calling the dog Cachito and treated his injuries from the accident.

When news of Cachito’s plight reached the soccer team, it hit Raúl Castro hard. He’s the player who carried the furry interloper off the field. He remembered the playful pup and wanted to make sure he was alright.

Raúl was on the road but promised to come and adopt Cachito as soon as he returned home. And the soccer player kept that promise!

Raúl Castro showed up at the shelter once he was back in town and picked up Cachito.

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Now, the dog who interrupted the soccer game has a loving forever home with the player who carried him off the field. I just hope Raúl makes sure to keep his soccer boots out of reach!

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