Mischievous Dog Jumps Into Pool Every Time He’s Done Something To Get Into Trouble

dog jumps into pool

Blue the Siberian Husky is known to get into some trouble from time to time. And whenever he hears his parents calling him in a stern way, Blue found a way to hide when he is in trouble. This dog jumps into the pool to escape his punishments!

"He's a loving, mischievous, crazy puppy who is incredibly smart," said Emma Klapper, Blue's mom. "He loves to get himself into trouble and test our patience."

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And whenever he knows that he’s done something naughty, he hilariously heads straight for a dip in the pool!

Dog Jumps Into Pool When He Knows He’s In Trouble

"He first started jumping in the pool when he was in trouble about two months ago when he learned how to swim and knew once he was in the pool we weren't chasing after him," Emma explained. "He usually stays in until we either leave the pool deck or get distracted with something else."

And Blue even discovered a way to get out of discipline on the rare occasions that his mom or dad actually go in after him in the pool.

"We've gone in after him before and he swims to the deep end," said Emma.

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This is one smart dog that knows how to run the other direction when he's broken a rule! And even if he doesn't always follow the rules, Blue's parents still love him anyway.

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