Pup Nearly ‘Died from Broken Heart,’ Then Gets The Sweetest Surprise

died from broken heart

One senior dog nearly died from a broken heart after her best dog friend passed away. And her owner tried everything to make her better.

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Reese and Morgan were two senior dogs that were inseparable. When Morgan died from kidney disease, Reese was devastated.

"I made her special doggie cupcakes and slept on a mattress on my living room floor for a while so she could sleep with me," shared Amy Thatcher, Reese's owner. "I even picked up some foster puppies for a few days because Reese loves puppies. Nothing seemed to help."

And while Reese was mourning the loss of Morgan, her health quickly declined. The devastated pup wasn’t eating and spent most of her days in bed. Amy tried so many things to help her grieving dog, and she finally decided to get another doggy companion for Reese to help with her heartbreak.

Dog Nearly ‘Died from Broken Heart’, Then Gets Sweet Surprise

"While scrolling through the adoptable dogs, Jeep’s handsome face caught my attention," said Amy about the 1-year-old dog she adopted. "Up until Jeep, I had only ever adopted senior dogs. Since Reese didn’t handle Morgan’s passing well, I couldn’t risk putting her through another loss and decided to adopt a younger dog."

As soon as Amy met Jeep, she knew he was just what she and Reese needed! He was the perfect addition to their family. And Reese quickly showed affection for the young dog and loved to play with him.

"He greeted me with a wiggle butt and a big smile. I sat on the floor, and he immediately came over and sat on my lap. At that moment, he stole my heart," Amy said. "Jeep has brought out this youthful, playful side of Reese. She turns 14 next month and still wants to play with her ‘little brother.' She doesn’t like it when he’s not home and gets so excited when he returns."

But Amy shared that she will still always miss Morgan. She was a great dog that will always hold a special place in her heart.

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"Morgan made my life better by just being her, and I’ll never forget her," said Amy. "But Jeep came into my life when my heart, like Reese’s, was broken. He got us through a tough time, and I don’t know how we would've gotten through it without him."

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