Woman Sees Dog Looking Sad As He Stares Out to Sea & Then Uncovers His Heartbreaking Story

dog looking sad on beach

A woman sees a dog looking sad as he stares out to sea and then uncovers his heartbreaking story. Jolie Mejia is a dog lover and a dog mom.

She has one dog at home, which is why this story wove its way into her heart. She went to the beach with her family and noticed a dog alone looking sad.

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"I pet him, waiting for his owner, but minutes passed and no one came," Jolie recalled.

Concerned for his safety, she asked a stranger on the beach if he knew anything about the dog.

It turns out the whole community knows him and takes care of him. Jolie soon learned why. Vaguito lost his owner, who died while out at sea.

Story Behind Dog Looking Sad On Beach

Vaguito comes to the beach every day and mourns the loss of his beloved owner even though it's been more than a year. The community believes he went fishing and had a heart attack. Now this sweet and heartbroken dog comes to the beach every day, waiting for his loved one who will never come home again.

It's an example of love in its simplest and perhaps purest form. It's a story about love, loyalty, and what it means when we are given the gift of man's best friend.

Jolie wanted to know if there was anything she could do for the heartbroken dog looking sad. But she soon learned the entire community takes care of Vaguito. The community ensures he gets lots of scratches and cuddles on top of all the food he can eat and even a warm place to stay at night.

Currently, he's staying with a woman who lives near the beach. But he makes a trek to the shores every day and stares out at the waves mourning the loss of his owner.

When Jolie learned about Vaguito's story, her own heart broke. No one should ever lose a loved one, and it's more heartbreaking when you realize that furry friends like Vaguito truly love and miss their owners.

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Like Jolie, this is a bittersweet story of a dog looking sad none of us will soon forget. May we all make sure our loved ones know how much they truly mean to us.

“The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit," Psalm 34:18.

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