Driver Stops to Investigate Strange Noise Coming from Engine and Is Shocked to Find 2 Hitchhikers

kittens were found after noise coming from car's engine

A woman in Arizona found quite a surprise under the hood of her car during her morning commute: 2 adorable kittens.

Experiencing any unexpected hiccup or problem, no matter the size, is always frustrating. Without a doubt, one of the most aggravating and infuriating situations one can experience is car trouble. And it never fails that it always seems to take place during the most inopportune moments possible.

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Have a flat tire? Is the car's battery completely dead? These situations consistently crop up whenever you're already running late, further compounding your situation. But one woman in Arizona started experiencing car trouble of a different kind, according to The Sacramento Bee.

The woman was driving down an Interstate in Phoenix when she started hearing an odd sound coming from her car. She heard what she thought was meowing coming from her car's hood, according to 12 News.

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Like anyone would do after hearing such a noise, the woman pulled over to the side of the road. What she found were two cute, furry and four-legged hitchhikers. The two kittens were found under the passenger's side, according to a social media post from the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

The vehicle's right front tire had to be removed in order to free the furry stowaways. Thankfully, neither of the kittens were injured during their unexpected joyride.

Once Freed, The Hitchhiking Kittens Found A New Home

Also, once the kittens were successfully extracted from the car, they found new homes. The Arizona Department of Public Safety reports that the kittens were headed home with the female motorist and her husband. Hopefully, that will be the last unexpected ride those two cats decide to take.

If you were going to have car trouble, something that will only make you late and mess up your day before it even gets started, there are much worse things that could happen than finding two kittens.

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h/t: The Sacramento Bee, 12 News & Department of Public Safety

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