Homeowner Spots Soaking Wet Lump Hanging from Fence and Angels Come to the Rescue

elderly bat rescued

Some folks wouldn't find a lot of love in their hearts for a bat, but one elderly bat with a lot of grit captured the attention of a caring homeowner and was saved from near death!

A resident in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania, noticed the eldely bat hanging perilously from a bar on a fence outside her home. The bat was hanging in the open, unprotected against predators and drenched from the previous night's storm.

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When the woman discovered the elderly bat, now known as Bea Arthur, she reached out to Pennsylvania Bat Rescue for help. Soon, a volunteer from the rescue arrived to save Ms. Bea.

"The poor old girl was hanging on a metal fence in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania, for three days," said Stephanie Stronsick, founder and executive director of Pennsylvania Bat Rescue.

Elderly Bat Gets Rescued Just In Time

Wearing gloves and using a thick cloth, the rescuer carefully lifted Bea from the bar. Bea was promptly taken to the rescue's rehabilitation center, where she was able to recover and begin regaining her strength.

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Bea had developed swelling on her head, so volunteers gave her medicine to help the bruising that she'd suffered. And, as Bea bounced back, staff at the rescue began to see her personality. They described the sweet, brave, elderly bat as turning from initially quiet to friendly.

Bea is a brown bat, a variety native to North America. And, while it may be difficult to appreciate a bat, the National Park Service reports that they are quite beneficial to our ecosystem. "Some pollinate plants, others eat insects, many serve as prey to other animals, and they all inspire scientific discoveries."

Aptly named for her toughness and strength like the characters that Ms. Arthur played on TV (Maude and Golden Girl Dorothy), Bea Arthur, the elderly bat continues to recuperate at the sanctuary, and, if she is strong enough, she will be released into the wild in the spring. If not, she is welcome to stay as long as it takes for her to fully mend.

Best wishes, Bea!

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