Texas Refuge Has The Internet In An Uproar When They Ask People To Identify Mystery Critter

wildlife posts video of turtle leech on facebook page

One wildlife refuge in Texas caused quite the commotion online when it posted a video of a creepy, crawly creature to its Facebook page.

Animals are all creatures placed on Earth by the same God who created man, the sun, the moon and the stars. Most of those critters, especially the cute, furry, four-legged variety, call out to be hugged and cuddled. Kittens and puppies immediately come to most people's minds.

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However, there are others that no one, absolutely no one, wants to touch. In fact, the mere sight of some members of the animal kingdom is enough to cause people to run screaming in the other direction. The Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge posted a video on its Facebook page of one such creature.

The 40-second video, posted on Sept. 13, features a long, dark-colored, scaley critter moving around on the ground. As the clip continues, the being moves similarly to a snake, but it does not appear to be one of those much-despised and feared animals.

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The caption accompanying the video then asks Facebook users to help identify the critter, asking, "What is it Wednesday?" The wildlife's post got massive amounts of attention, according to The Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The video received more than 4,000 comments and was shared nearly 3,000 times.

Many Responded to the Video of the Creepy, Crawly Creature

One person commented, believing the being in the video to be "a very big slug without a shell."

Several people indicated that they didn't care about identifying the creature. They just wanted it kept away from them.

"Nothing cute about that! If it crawls I can't stand it," someone posted.

Someone else added that the creature that moved in a snake-like fashion was like something "from a horror movie."

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However, many more people responded correctly, stating the video showcased a leech moving around on the ground.

The wildlife refuge later updated its post with the correct answer, identifying it as a "turtle leech."

Animals deserve respect and kindness. But there are times when respect and kindness can be applied from a safe distance. The creature in the wildlife’s video would be one of those instances.

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Proverbs 12:10 "An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel."

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h/t: Fort Worth Star-Telegram & Facebook.com/Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge

Featured Image Credit: Facebook.com/Anahuach National Wildlife Refuge