Bride And Groom Decided To Include Their Dog In Their Wedding And He Stole The Show

include dog in wedding

A bride and groom decided to include their dog in their wedding. And the sweet pup ended up stealing the show!

We've all heard horror stories about bridezillas and diva brides. But this one is about a bride and groom who were thrilled to share the limelight with their dog. They decided to include their dog in every aspect of the wedding! And it's 100% understandable because their pooch is one handsome brown-eyed and bow-tied boy!

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Beau is the spiffed-up Golden Retriever who stole the show at the nuptials of his human mom and dad. Beau has his own page on TikTok, which is where he shared wedding day highlights in a video captioned "All the ways I made mom and dad’s wedding day about ME."

Let's count the ways! The one-minute video may not have captured all of them, but there are definitely plenty demonstrating Mom and Dad's love for Beau!

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@beaunosebones I just couldn't help myself. #fyp #foryoupage #dogsoftiktok ♬ Little Bitty Pretty One – Thurston Harris

Brides have their girls to help them get ready and stay on track on their big days. So did Beau. He actually had two dates (a.k.a. handlers) for the day. And one of those pretty escorts assisted Beau with his very own VIP entrance during the ceremony!

And, because Beau has such a great smile, the photographer made sure to get shots of him with Dad, him with Mom, and a few with Mom and Dad fading into the background. The groomsmen certainly knew where they stood-off to the side while the real buddies were photographed!

Beau was front and center at the reception, too. While the cake didn't have a topper in the couple's likeness, it did have a little Beau statue perched on tier two. And, the menu cards had a picture of Beau right underneath the names of his humans, Erica and Frank-lest anyone forget over dinner who the real star of the show was! 

Beau is one loved guy! We’re so glad this couple decided to include their sweet dog in their wedding.

If you've fallen in love with Beau like Erica and Frank did, you can see a lot more of him at @BeauNoseBones, which has 2.3 million followers, 93 million likes, and hundreds of sweet videos!

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