Owner Spots Golden Retriever Sneaking Into The Pool Next Door And Hits Record

golden retriever sneaking into pool

A dog owner spots a Golden Retriever sneaking into the pool next door and records the whole thing.

Described as an outgoing, trustworthy, eager-to-please, and easy-to-train breed by the American Kennel Club, one Golden Retriever might have surprised his humans when they caught him sneaking into the neighbor's pool!

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Even with a stellar temperament and work ethic typical of his type, the summer heat drove this likable lug right onto the neighbor's property and into their pool for a respite. Could this be due to something celestial?

According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, July 3 through August 11 are referred to as the "Dog Days" of summer. And, while most folks think it's because the days are "not fit for a dog" or that the heat may very well drive a dog mad, there's a more complicated-maybe slightly more interesting-reason behind the reference.

The "Dog Days" are actually those days in which the sun occupies the same region in the sky as Sirius (the Dog Star). And Sirius is part of a larger constellation named Canis Major (the Greater Dog). When the sun and Sirius are in the same space, rise and set at the same time... it makes for hot days!

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So, what's a fur-covered friend to do?

Golden Retriever Sneaking Into Pool

This one spied the blue, cool water, made his way clumsily over the fence, and found relief in the pool! TikTok user @errieting captured her Golden Retriever in the act, but it wasn't as easy to collect the fella once he was in the water.

From the looks of it, he wasn't ready to get out. As his human grabs for his collar, the pup dives back in. He's got splashin' to do!

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Fortunately, the neighbor and pool owner, an owner of two Labrador Retrievers, thinks the Golden Retriever sneaking into the pool is "adorable," as do most of the commenters. Both the dog owner and pool owner might have thought he was simply copying a behavior that he'd observed.

That may be true; however, with the words "your favorite pool trespasser" written on his TikTok page, we think the New Jersey hound might have made a habit of fence jumping and pool hopping!

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"But whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life."' John 4:14

WATCH: Golden Retriever Sneaking Into Pool Caught On Camera

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/thegoldenzeppole