Protective Golden Retriever Stays With Newborn Baby And Refuses To Leave Her Side

Golden Retriever With Newborn Baby

Watch this precious Golden Retriever stay with her newborn baby sibling — you will audibly awww!

Meet Barkley, the Golden Retriever puppy. When his human mommy was pregnant, all he would want to do was run around, play, and nap. But now, a few months older, he has matured into the protective older sibling.

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The video shows the sweet Golden Retriever cautiously guarding his new baby sister. The baby girl lays sound asleep in a bassinet while the pup's chin rests on the edge of the basket. His mom says, "Barkley, let's go. Are you gonna move from your spot?"

The serious pooch barely glances at her as if he's saying, ‘Really? Can't you see I'm busy?'

Mom says ‘let's go' again and nudges his side trying to get him to even consider moving. Barkley just gives her a bit of a side-eye without budging any other part of his body.

He was like ‘Nope. I'm standing my ground, mom."

This is too sweet I just can't handle it. I'd let Barkley the Golden Retriever stay there with the baby as long as he wanted to!

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There's nothing cuter than the bond a child has with the family dog. This baby will definitely grow up with Barkley as an unconditional best friend! And he will always protect her.

I can imagine him waiting for her at the door to get back from school every day. Find someone more loyal than a dog — I'll wait!

WATCH: Golden Retriever with Newborn Baby

Even though mom is patient and encouraging, Barkley the Golden Retriever chooses to stand guard with his chin propped where he can keep his eyes on the baby and his surroundings. He may seem calm but would probably spring into action in a second if he sensed his baby sister was in danger!

We are sending thousands of scratches and pets your way, Barkley! What a good boy!

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"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself." – Josh Billings

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