Bride Surprises Groom At Wedding With A Stunning Dance To ‘Goodness Of God’

bride surprises groom at wedding

A bride surprises her groom at their wedding reception when she performs a beautiful dance to the Christian song, ‘Goodness Of God.’

There is nothing like a surprise at a wedding. And this bride’s dance is so beautiful and tender-hearted, you don't want to miss it.

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The video was posted on YouTube under the channel known as the "Undignified Dancer," but if her love for Jesus and her love for dance has anything to say about it–this woman is more than dignified. It's jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Bride Surprises Groom At Wedding With Dance

The bride walked down the aisle and said ‘Yes' to her husband, Nathan, in August of this year. She then performed a beautiful ballet piece as a gift to Nathan. The most enchanting and tear-jerker moment is when you read the caption that was uploaded with the video of this bride surprising her groom at the wedding.

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She writes: "I got to present this surprise dance at my wedding on 8.15.22 as a gift to my husband. God has been so incredibly good to both of us. This song really captures that sentiment so well, emphasizing his great faithfulness throughout our lives." She then added details about the friends she was dancing with were indeed her childhood friends.

"What made this even more special is that I got to dance with three young women who I grew up dancing alongside. To all come together again in such a worshipful, and creative way was truly touching.

I hope this dance blesses you as well," she added.

Lovely Dance Proclaims The Goodness Of God

The dancers are Debbie Covert, Anna Milograno, Rebecca Goodall, Sharon Lee,and we aren't sure which is the bride. Either way, all four performed beautifully. Perhaps the most stunning part of this video is the expression on the groom's face as his wife worships God!

We long to marry the love of our lives who will know us from the inside out. But marriage isn't just about two people. It's about reflecting and loving Jesus and how Christ loved the church. This beautiful dance this bride uses to surprise her groom at the wedding is a stunning and accurate reflection of marriage with Christ at the center of it all. No matter our flaws, the hardships we face, nor the journey we take in our marriage, we can not only thrive but face the impossible with our love of Christ.

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"The Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abounding in goodness and truth." Exodus 34:6

WATCH: Bride Surprises Groom At Wedding With Dance To ‘Goodness Of God’

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