Falling Meteorite Smashes Into Bed And Lands On Pillow, Just Barely Missing Sleeping Grandma

falling meteorite

One woman was sleeping in bed when a falling meteorite came crashing into her bedroom. Talk about a scary way to be woken up!

Ruth Hamilton said that on the night of October 3rd, she was woken up by her dog barking and then heard a loud explosion. Next thing she knows, she looked up to see a hole in her ceiling and felt debris all over her face!

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“I jumped out of bed and turned on the lights. I didn’t know what else to do, so I called 911,” Ruth shared. “Talking to the operator, she was asking me all kinds of questions, and at that point, I rolled back one of the two pillows I’d been sleeping on and in between them was the meteorite. I’ve never been so scared in my life!"

In order to identify the rock, Ruth took it to researchers at the University of Western Ontario.

“It’s certainly a meteorite,” said Professor Peter Brown, who is working with researchers to find out more information.

Falling Meteorite Lands In Bed Next To Sleeping Grandma | God Updates

The meteorite weighed 2.8 pounds, and thankfully, did not injure Ruth. And after such a phenomenon happened to her, Ruth shares that she plans to keep the meteorite after the researchers are done studying it.

“My granddaughters can say that their grandmother just almost got killed in her bed by a meteorite,” Ruth said.

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What an exciting finding, but also must have been terrifying to experience!

WATCH: Meteorite Falls Onto Woman’s Bed

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