Family Is Being Persecuted For Their Faith

Meriam Ibrahim, a Christian mother who was on death row in Sudan for her refusal to deny Jesus, was freed from prison earlier this week.

The family’s lawyer, Elshareef Ali Mohammed, was with them at the time of Meriam’s release, he said that she was “very happy”. Meriam, a strong woman of faith, wasn’t the only one that was very happy, millions of Americans and people around the globe were rejoicing with her.

But a day later, as she and her family were headed back to her husband’s home in the US to start a new life, they were confronted in the airport by a group of 50 raging Sudanese officials. Meriam, her husband, their toddler, and baby girl (who Meriam gave birth to in shackles during her imprisonment) were ALL arrested without reason.

The family’s lawyer was also with them at the time of the arrest. He tells us that they are safe, but we know that they still need our prayers. Since Meriam’s husband is an American citizen, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is urging U.S. political leaders to get involved.

UPDATE: Meriam and her family are now at a heavily guarded US Embassy where they are being treated very well.

We know that we serve a God of justice, and even so, we are also praying for the salvation of those persecuting the Ibrahim family. Continue to pray for their safe return to the U.S.!

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Isaiah 30:18

Credit: NCB News

Featured Image Credit: YouTube