TV Stars Share How Being on ‘God Friended Me’ Is Changing Their Faith

beliefs on 'God Friended Me'

‘God Friended Me,' the new series on CBS, is doing more than just inviting audiences to talk to each other more openly about their beliefs. The cast members of the show have recently shared how ‘God Friended Me' is getting them to think about their faith in a different light.

The show is about Miles Finer, an outspoken atheist that gets a friend request online from God. Throughout the series, the audience sees how God leads Miles to get involved in helping those around him and engaging with others who think differently than him.

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Stars of the show include Brandon Michael Hall and Violett Beane. Both of them talked at a press tour event and shared how the show has changed them.

“Growing up in the church and growing in the Word, that was my basis and my foundation. So to take on a role now where that was being tested, where you have to see the world in a completely different light, absolutely my views have changed," explains Brandon. "Not to say that I don't believe. But I am in a spiritual place where I'm able to have a conversation with more people about spirituality. I'm not seeing it from a closed-minded point of view. I'm actually taking the time out to see what other people believe and how that's gotten them to their place.”

Brandon realizes how crucial this reexamination of his faith truly is. And he’s certain it isn’t coincidental.

“I think it's a divine intervention,” Brandon explained. “I couldn't have proclaimed this years ago, and so those are the little golden moments in my life, the stones that are getting me closer and closer to wherever I'm supposed to be.”

The Cast of ‘God Friended Me’ Talk About Their Faith

For Violett Beane, being on ‘God Friended Me' has her thinking about returning to her faith.

“Personally, I was raised Quaker, and I went to meetings every Sunday for most of my childhood," explains Violett. "I kind of stopped going when I left the house. But since moving to New York, I actually live reasonably close to a Quaker meeting. And I'm thinking about going again, which I don't think I ever maybe would have paid attention to until later in my life.”

It's great to see a show on prime-time television that is opening up discussions about faith for people. And because of the high ratings from the show, ‘God Friended Me' has been renewed for a second season.


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