A Performing Family Gave Their Best Performance In A Les Miserable Karaoke Song

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It was the usual LeBaron Family karaoke night when things got really serious. The whole family went into full performance mode and totally nailed a song from a classic musical.

The LeBaron Singers is a large family of performers and they love to sing together every Sunday night. This time, they sang the karaoke version of "One Day More", one of the most recognizable songs from the musical Les Miserables.

And they are a real example of what can happen when so much talent is in one room, let alone in one family. When I first watched this video, I just knew they had to have been professional singers. At first, they were just playing around. But then they enjoyed it so much that they had to do it again to their usual perfection.

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Each family member was assigned a part in the song and they owned it! And you can tell that they were having the best time singing together. They had so much passion singing the song.

You would think that they were actually part of the official cast! If this is what they sound like on a fun karaoke night, imagine how they sound when they are actually prepared for a real performance. Their performance was so impressive, I watched this video several times.

WATCH: Family Karaoke Night Turns Into A Performance

Credit: Youtube/LeBaron Singers

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