Firefighter Adopts Baby Left In Box At His Station And It’s An Answered Prayer For Him And Wife

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A kind firefighter adopts a baby girl who was left in the baby box at his fire station in Florida. And the tiny girl’s arrival was the answer to a pray, as he and his wife had been waiting for a child for over a decade!

Children are an amazing and wonderful gift from the Lord. Yes, children can be loud, unruly and boisterous at times. Anyone who is a parent knows this to be true. But parents are also fully aware of the staggering amount of love and joy a child adds to life. Being a parent is one of life's greatest blessings.

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After 10 years of trying for a child without luck, Vincent, a firefighter in Florida, and his wife are now parents. They are mom and dad to Zoey, a beautiful baby girl left in a baby box at Vincent's fire station. And the story of how this firefighter adopts the baby he helped save is so touching!

Baby Left At Fire Station

Vincent, who was on duty, noticed Zoey in the station's baby box. He then rode with the child to the hospital to be checked out and examined by medical professionals. As this was happening, Vincent had a conversation with the responding doctor. He was ready to make a major life decision.

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"I hand the baby off to the nurses, so they can do all the stuff they do at the hospital," Vincent said. "And I pulled the doctor aside, and I had asked him, ‘When's the case worker going to get here? Because I would like to adopt her."

In the clip, Vincent states that he and his wife were already approved to adopt children in the Sunshine State, meeting all the necessary requirements to become adoptive parents. And so, the firefighter and his wife decided to adopt this baby girl!

Zoey went home with Vincent and officially became his and his wife's daughter three months later.

Vincent stated he and his wife are beyond blessed to be Zoey's mom and dad.

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"It's been amazing," Vincent said. "Every day, me and my wife still look at each other and just go, like, ‘I can't believe, you know, we have a child.' We try not to take a single moment for granted because we've been waiting and praying so long for this to happen."

Psalm 127:3 "See, children are a heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward."

WATCH: Firefighter Adopts Baby Left At The Station

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