He’d Wanted A Baby For Over A Year And Wife Tells Husband His Dreams Are Coming True

wife tells husband

One wife tells her husband she's pregnant, and his reaction is so heartwarming!

A mom-to-be shared a video on TikTok of how she revealed her pregnancy to her husband who had been wanting to have a baby for over a year.

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"I officially found out that I am pregnant this week," she said in the video. "Austin does not know, I'm going to tell him tonight. He's at the gym, and when he comes home, I'm just going to ask him to hand me a spoon. And that's what he'll find."

In the video, she shows that she put together a sweet surprise for her husband in a kitchen drawer. It is a letter board that reads "Hey Dad! October 2021!" alongside some positive pregnancy tests and a pair of little baby booties.

The wife shares how her husband has been wanting to be a dad for so long, and now his dream is finally coming true!

Wife Tells Husband Who’s Wanted A Baby For Over A Year She’s Pregnant

As soon as the dad comes home and finds his surprise in the kitchen drawer, he turns around with such a huge smile on his face. Then the couple share a sweet embrace in the kitchen as they celebrate the news of their little baby. What an emotional moment between the husband and wife!

Many people online shared in the couple's happiness and shared their well wishes with them on TikTok.

"I did not stop smiling this entire video. I'm too excited for y'all," one person wrote.

"Seeing both the parents being genuinely happy makes my day! I can feel the love in this video and I'm so happy for y'all," another comment read.

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God bless this couple and their sweet baby. What an exciting time in their lives!

WATCH: Wife Tells Husband She’s Pregnant


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