Fisherman Uses Boat To Share A Reminder About Mental Health


One fisherman is sharing an inspiring message using just his boat and a fish. It’s a message that we all need to remember!

Anyone who's suffered from or had a loved one suffer from mental illness knows it can be an absolute struggle. And mental illness not only affects the individual but the family and friends as well.

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In our digital age, it can be a lot easier to retreat and seem invisible. But that is why it is so important to reach out if you are ever feeling lost or scared.

Clay is an outdoorsman from New Zealand who is known for sharing his life lessons online. And today, he's taking on the topic of mental health in a truly inspiring way.

Fisherman Shows How To Share Our Problems

While on his boat, Clay catches a fish. And he uses that moment to illustrate how we can reach out in our time of need.

On his video description, Clay wrote, "A problem shared is a problem halved.
This year in New Zealand we have had the highest rate of suicide ever. It kills me every time I hear that another soul has left us because their burden was too heavy to carry. Talk to someone and share that burden. Talk to you parents, your teachers, your friends or call help line. You are not alone."

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These words are so true. You are never alone. There is always someone you can turn to even when times may seem the darkest. We hope this message reaches your heart and you are inspired to either lend a helping hand or ask someone for support.

WATCH: Important Reminder About Mental Health

h/t: Godtube