A Girl With No Hands Meets A Puppy Missing 1 Paw And It’s Love At First Sight

girl with no hands gets puppy missing 1 paw

This beautiful little girl with no hands received a new best friend, and they seem like the perfect pair. Since her mom anticipated difficult questions from the toddler that learns more and more every day, she wanted something to make her feel like she was beautiful and fit in even without hands.

Vanessa McLeod is the mother of two beautiful little girls. She has a 5-year-old daughter named Elena and a 2-year-old named Ivy. They seem to enjoy a rather normal life except that little Ivy was born without hands.

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Ivy's parents found out about her limb differences when Vanessa was 19 weeks pregnant. When she was first told that there were ‘significant findings' on the ultrasound, her mind immediately thought of the worst-case scenario — miscarriage or fatal issue.

She cried to her mom, "I just want to keep my baby." Vanessa cried constantly for the rest of the day.

While going through pregnancy, Vanessa also experienced grief for the loss of the life she wanted her baby to have. Multiple doctors couldn't give her definitive answers and even suggested that she get an abortion.

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God bless Vanessa and her husband for remaining hopeful and bringing little Ivy into the world. Because now, the little girl with no hands is living as happily as any other giggly toddler!

Furry Friend For Girl With No Hands

On April 6th, Vanessa posted on Instagram letting her followers know that her family was searching for a special puppy for Ivy. Her request made its way around the internet, and with the world's help, she found their new family member. The puppy was born on April 6th in their town — without a paw.

The family's newest blessing will be named Lucky, after the nonprofit, Lucky Fin Project.

Vanessa wanted a pup like Lucky to help Ivy through the process of learning more about her differences as she grows older. As a girl with no hands, Ivy's limb differences could create some difficult experiences for her in the future, but from now on, she will have a little companion by her side that knows exactly how she feels.

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Blessings to Ivy and Lucky and the rest of their family for endless days ahead. Ivy is one of God's beautiful miracles that He blessed with a new fluffy friend.

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