Little Boy Starts Crying At A Mexican Restaurant And Then A Complete Stranger Invites Him Over

child crying in restaurant

What began with a crying child in a restaurant ended with two strangers having a meal together at a Mexican restaurant.

The crying child in this story, Brekken, was brought to a restaurant called Fernandos in Magee, Mississippi. He was brought there along with 5 other children by chaperone Amy Wadford.

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While the other children ate their meals peacefully, Brekken did not. He instead cried, after wanting to eat his food with a stranger sitting by the window.

Amy was in the process of taking him back to the car, but that strange man approached and turned out to be quite the kind man.

"I'm not sure who this man is and I'm sure he just wanted to eat his meal in peace but Brekken had other plans," she remarked in an online post to Facebook.

Crying Child In Restaurant Soothed By Stranger

Brekken's tears were gone as he soon accompanied the man back to his table and they sat, talked, and ate.

"Brekken instantly stopped crying and sat and ate chips and salsa and had conversation with him until he was ready to go."

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"Brekken was completely content and told him bye like he had known him his whole life. It's the small things! So, if you know him, please tell him again I said thank you."

She later discovered that the man's name is Darius West and that her post garnered around 100k likes.

This story of a crying child in a restaurant helps us remember an important truth – a moment's kindness can change the trajectory of an entire person's day. Sometimes we are not able to identify the people around us who are having a good or bad day. Sometimes we don't even bother to ask. However, if we are living as Jesus called us to live, then we are striving to love in every moment possible. And as we love, we honor God.

The more time we spend loving on others, serving them, the more aware we will be of their needs. That's important for our loved ones, but also for strangers. Darius showed love to a young boy he didn't know and could have ignored. Instead, he chose to act. May we be encouraged to do the same in our own lives.

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"Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Amy Wadford