Stranger’s Reaction to A Crying Baby on Plane Goes Viral

godupdates stranger's reaction to mom with crying kids on plane goes viral fb

When a packed plane was delayed on the runway, a mother of 3 was doing all she could to keep her kids happy. But then it happened — her baby started crying and next her toddler. Most of the other passengers’ reactions were heartbreakingly rude, making the stressed mom feel even worse. But one woman’s act of compassion for the mom with crying kids set the example we should all follow when we see someone in need.

godupdates stranger's reaction to mom with crying kids on plane goes viral fb

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No one wants a child to start crying on a plane. But traveling can easily bring out the worst in even the best behaved child. And you best believe the crying child’s mom is the last person enjoying themselves when the meltdown begins.

Fellow mom named Kesha Bernard knows this all too well. On this particular day she was traveling alone. But her heart instantly went out to the mom of 3 trying to keep her little ones happy on an early morning flight from Seattle to Denver. Apparently, though, she was the only one on the plane able to muster compassion for the struggling mom!

Waiting For Compassion To Kick In

According to Kesha, as they sat idle on the packed flight, the mother’s baby started crying. Immediately passengers started huffing and puffing. And as the mom desperately tried to soothe her baby, things got worse. Her toddler began having a meltdown over her seatbelt.

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About that time, the woman seated in front of the upset toddler turned around and blasted the frazzled mom because the 3-year-old kicked her seat. Kesha says the stranger even grabbed the toddler’s leg.

All the while, passengers are making rude remarks to the mom. Kesha reports how one woman even went so far as the put both hands over her ears while making nasty faces.

“I sat here for 15 mins [sic] waiting on someone closer to this woman to offer her help…because im [sic] surrounded by caring adults, right? (Wrong) I turn around to see people mumbling and staring at this mother with her THREE kids ALONE….A screaming toddler / crying baby/ and a very well behaved older child,” Kesha wrote on Facebook.

Much to Kesha’s disappointment, no one seemed willing to cut this poor mom with crying kids any slack. No one, but her.

Help For A Mom With Crying Kids

Kesha decided to be a “decent human being.” She got up out of her seat, and offered to help the struggling mom, who gladly accepted. Not only did Kesha’s compassion save the poor woman. But Kesha got the added bonus of snuggling with the mom’s sweet baby, who quickly fell asleep almost as soon as Kesha held her.

And this gave the mom the ability to get her 3-year-old daughter under control.

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Kesha shared the story on Facebook as a reminder of why compassion is so important.

“My point???? Be nice and considerate. If someone needs help for God’s sake HELP THEM,” she writes. Kesha goes on to say, “You’re telling me Im the only ONE out of a full plane that was willing to help???? How we can ignore a human in distress beyond me. Please be kind. Please be considerate. Help one another…it makes everything easier.”

We all have those moments and days where no matter how hard we try, things just don’t go right. So, when we see someone in one of those moments, let’s offer grace instead of judgment. In all the grumbling and complaining from other passengers, things only got worse. But the minute Kesha showed compassion, that poor mom knew she wasn’t alone.

“There is one who speaks rashly like the piercing of a sword, but the tongue of the wise heals.” Proverbs 12:18

h/t: Bored Panda / Kesha Bernard

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