Corgi Senses Stranger In Airport Is In Need And Goes To Him

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A compassionate dog comforts a stranger in the middle of an airport. He was depressed but thanks to the sweet doggy, he was all better.

Dogs are the best comforters. It is amazing how they can comfort us without having to say a single word. And they seem to just know when we need their comfort.

Cora, a small fluffy corgi was in the airport with her owner Madison Palm. They were waiting for their flight when Cora noticed that there was a man sitting in a chair. He was so depressed and Cora wanted to go comfort him.

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Madison saw Cora's urge to go walk over to the man, so she let her leash go so that she can help him. And the compassionate doggy sat at the man’s feet and let him pet her. You can see how he was not as anxious once Cora began to love on him.

She looked so pleased to be helping him. It was so sweet to watch her be so kind to a complete stranger in his time of grief. And Madison was so proud of her.

She was doing exactly what she trained her dog to do. When Madison first adopted Cora, she had her trained as a therapy dog. And Cora is certainly doing a great job. Madison caught it all on camera so that she can show the world how dogs can help bring comfort.

WATCH: Compassionate Dog Comforts A Stanger In The Airport

Credit: Rumble/Corgmom

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