Gold Star Families Help A Hurricane Harvey Victim Rebuild Their Home

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Gold Star Families help Hurricane Harvey victims by rebuilding their home. And it was such an honorable act of service.

Gold Star Families For Peace is a United States Organization started by families who have lost loved ones in the Iraq war. Their loved ones have left behind a legacy of service, sacrifice, and honor. And these families have joined together to help others who have experienced grief.

The Gold Star Families have helped the victims of Hurricane Harvey in a huge way. So many people have experienced great loss from the Hurricane. A lot of belongs were lost and so many homes were ruined.

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The Gold Star Families saw a huge need for their help. They came together to help rebuild a home that was ruined by the hurricane. They spent spring break tearing down sheetrock and rebuilding the frame of a home.

There could not have been a more impactful way for them to have helped. And one thing that was so special was that the families wrote special notes to their late loved ones inside the walls of the house.

So much healing took place. And even though the Gold Star Families have experienced loss in a different way, they are still able to empathize and connect with the victims. What a meaningful way to honor our late servicemen.

WATCH: Gold Star Families Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Credit: Youtube/CBS Evening News

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