Granddaughter Made Grandma A Special Blanket That Brought Her To Tears

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Madeline's grandma is going through a lot, so she wanted to do something to cheer her up. She made her a special surprise handmade blanket with and her grandma loved it!

Four years ago, Maddie's grandfather passed away unexpectedly from heart failure. MawMaw, Maddie's grandma, had a very difficult time coming to terms with losing her husband. Her family believes that with him being gone, Grandma's health has taken a toll.

Maddie's grandma received devastating news just a few weeks before Christmas. She was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer. She had quite a journey ahead of her and she will be alone for a lot of her chemotherapy treatments.

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Maddie so badly wanted to raise her sweet grandma's spirits and come up with a way to help her not feel so alone. So, she figured out just the thing. Maddie asked to borrow one of her grandfather's old t-shirts. MawMaw was curious about why she asked for it, but she did not bother to ask. Maddie used the t-shirt to make a blanket for her grandma and surprised her with it.

The whole family gathered around to watch MawMaw unfold her blanket. She was so overjoyed about the handmade gift that her sweet granddaughter made for her. But she was pleasantly surprised when she saw that her late husband's shirt was sewn in. "Oh, Maddie!", she exclaimed.

Then she wrapped her blanket around her. She was so overwhelmed that she began to cry. Now when MawMaw goes to the doctor for her chemotherapy treatments, she will not feel all alone. Who else got misty?

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