Owner Grooms Her Husky With A Powered Blower And The Results Are Amazing

godupdates fur groomed with blower

This husky just got done getting his fur groomed by his owner. And it was done in the most genius way!

If you have a furry friend, then you understand how their fur can get all over the place and important it is to groom them. Especially dogs to have a lot of fur, like a husky. It seems as though no amount of brushing and combing can help maintain the amount of fur that flies away. Especially if you have a dog who sheds a lot, it feels like a never-ending chore.

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Well, this owner found a quicker and effective way to groom his husky's fur. She purchased a high-velocity blower and went to work! She put her husky on a leash outside and started the power blower. The blower was so strong, and she was moving fast. He will be all groomed in no time with this tool!

The power from the blower blew away all of the shedding fur away. And the dog's fur flew all over the grass. He seemed to be enjoying the feeling of the blower. When she was done, his coat looked so beautiful. Would you try this for your dog?

WATCH: Dogs Fur Groomed By A Power Blower

Credit: Youtube/Raised by Bears Inc

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