Bird Photobombed The Meteorologist During Her Report And It Was Hilarious

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Photobombs are my favorite! And this is a really good one when a bird photobombed meteorologist Lisa Hidalgo on live television.

Meteorologist Lisa Hidalgo is giving her weather forecast report when an unexpected friend comes for a visit. A raven flew into her frame and it was the funniest thing! The station was filled with laughter. Other weather channels have been talking about birds flying into their frame during their reports.

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So, when this happened, Lisa joined the fun and made the most out of the hilarious moment. She did not mind sharing the attention and she pretended to blow kisses to her little friend! She has the most playful personality, so she was thrilled by her surprise visit! Everyone on set got a kick out of it too!

Sometimes birds like to get in the frame during the weather report, and today, it was this little fella's time to shine. He did not seem shy at all. We got a full shot of him and he was all smiles too. He kept opening and closing his beak as if he was trying to smile for the camera or eat it. The feathered friend only stayed for a few moments before he was no longer entertained by the camera and he flew away.

WATCH: Bird Photobombed Meteorologist During Weather Report

Credit: Youtube/Denver7 – The Denver Channel

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