Southerners Hilarious Share About Their Struggles During Gnat Season

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During the Spring and Summer months, gnats are everywhere! And if you live in a Southern state, then you can probably relate to this video about gnat season.

The Spring and Summer seasons are my favorite. I love to invite people to come over for cookouts, a swim, and for a class of lemonade on the patio. But we are always welcomed by a few unwanted guests.

You've guessed it. Those tiny, annoying flying bugs that we call, "gnats". Even though gnats are so annoying, It's A Southern Thing cannot help but make a few jokes about them. That is why you will love this video.

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They made fun of how Gnats are everywhere and they love to linger in groups. You never see just one gnat flying alone. It is always a bunch of them just waiting to attack you.

They like to go straight for your head. It doesn’t matter how fast and hard you try to swat them away, they will still invade your personal bubble. They buzz and fly in your face and will even land in your drink.

Gnats are really hard to escape from because they even like to sneak into your house when you leave the door open for even a second. And they are also so hard to clean off of the car. I am determined to figure out a way to beat gnat season! Do you have any ideas?

WATCH: Southerners Joke About Gnat Season

Credit: Facebook/So True, Y’all

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