Funny Southerners Compare Pollen To A Horror Movie

godupdates hilarious pollen season video

I love when seasons change, but I am not so crazy about pollen season. But videos like this help me get a little laugh.

It is almost that time of year where we need to keep those tissues handy. Our beloved Springtime is upon us. And though we love the warmer weather, the chirping birds, and the blooming flowers, something else comes along with it. Cold and flu season may be over, but large amounts of pollen are underway. And we know what everyone says, "April breezes bring May sneezes".

In the video, man is walking down the street and notices everyone wiping their noses and sneezing. Springtime is coming, and not only does he feel it in the air, but everyone is reacting to the pollen. You can't always see the pollen before it affects you. But eventually, we will see that yellow stuff all over the place.

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Would you compare pollen season to a horror film? Well, It's a Southern Thing did! And they made a hilarious trailer for the season that is coming soon.

Now if you're from any of the Southern states, then you know your area is in for some serious pollen this year. If you anything like me and the folks in this video, then you know that means you better get your allergy medicine ready because pollen allergies are insane! I hope you're ready to brave the pollen season!

WATCH: Southerners Talk About Pollen Season

Credit: Youtube/It’s a Southern Thing

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