Drivers Were Ignoring The Road Signs, So This Officer Gave A Hilarious Warning

godupdates officer hilariously shares important message

This officer hilariously shares an important message with drivers who disobey road signs. He shared his message in a video that he posted online, and everyone got a kick out of it!

There is a lot of flooding in the area where Sg. Ted Bohner patrols and it is dangerous for people to drive around in. So, there are "road closed" signs everywhere. But, apparently, drivers in his area do not like to pay attention to the signs of the road. Well, they did not obey the signs and they drove through the flooded roads anyways.

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It has been raining like crazy in the area and everything in the area is flooded. Even some people's yards and fields have been flooded with waters. A lot of drivers have been getting stuck because they chose to disobey the road signs.

So, Sgt. Ted Bohner took to twitter deliver a very important message for the bold drivers who ignored the "road closed" sign. He emphasizes that the road signs are there for a reason and even if a vehicle looks like it would make it through the flooded road, it may not because of what could be underneath the water. His points are certainly valid, but his delivery is so funny. Especially when he urges the drivers to just use common sense and obey the signs.

WATCH: Officer Hilariously Shares Message With Disobedient Drivers

Credit: Youtube/USA Today

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