Police Officer Dad Pulled His Daughter Over For The Funniest Reason

godupdates police officer pulled her over

People often complain that the police will pull you over for anything. But I bet no one had an encounter quite like this one when a police officer pulled over this young lady.

She was driving down the road when she saw the bright blue and red lights coming from the car behind her. It was a police officer pulling her over. She knew that she did not do anything wrong, but she obediently pulled over and stopped her car, following proper protocol. She sat and waited patiently for the officer to get out of his car to let her know why he pulled her over.

And as the police officer got out of his car, she noticed something very familiar. It was the same police officer who pulled her over for no good reason before. And when he approached her window, she immediately wanted to burst into laughter. "License, registration, and insurance please", the police officer said to her. She did not take him seriously at all!

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And then she exclaimed, "Dad! You can not just pull me over when you see my car on the road". The police officer was indeed her dad. He tried to hold back his goofy grin, but he could not help but giggle a bit. You can definitely tell that she is such a daddy’s girl.

It was so funny. And to justify his actions, he said that he was just making sure that she was okay. The two of them had a good laugh. Obviously, he is always ready to report for "daddy duty". This is hilarious! Do you know any police officer dads who have done something like this?

WATCH: Police Officer Pulls Over His Daugther

Credit: Youtube/Adam Smith

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