Jenna Bush Hager Learned An Important Lesson From A Child At Church

jenna bush hager learned lesson kid church

Christian celebrity and Today Show personality Jenna Bush Hager learned a sweet lesson from a child at church. And now, she’s sharing it with the rest of us!

While sitting down with Savannah Guthrie for the fourth hour of The Today Show, an interesting study from The Wall Street Journal came up. As we grow older, adults are finding it harder and harder to make friends.

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But there is another interesting fact found in the study.

Jenna Bush Hager explained, "So experts have found that people's moods improve after having a conversation with a total stranger."

A recent church service actually reminded Jenna of this simple principle.

What Adults Can Learn From Children

One of Jenna’s daughters was having a difficult time being alone for Sunday school.

That's when another child in the classroom came up to Jenna's little girl and introduced herself. The two new friends hugged and Jenna's daughter was immediately cheerful and ready to be on her own.

"These little things that are so easy for kids become harder for adults," Jenna said. Savannah and Jenna went on to say that many adults are so focused on their destination or have their heads in their phones. But when we take the time to look up, something truly amazing can happen.

"Everyday, if you can have a little bit of a surprise interaction with somebody. Smile at somebody, wave at somebody, tell somebody that they look beautiful. Whatever it is, let's make people happy."

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Sometimes, all it takes is a simple gesture from a child to remind us all what this world is really about.

WATCH: The Lesson Jenna Bush Hager Learned From A Child

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