Emotional Original Song ‘My History’ By Jessica Willis Fisher

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In an emotional original song titled ‘My History,’ the former lead singer of The Willis Clan, Jessica Willis Fisher, shares her story and her heart.

At one time, Jessica seemed to have it all as a member of the popular musical group comprised of her fellow siblings. But behind closed doors, she suffered abuse at the hands of her father.

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Through strength and courage, she found a way to escape and eventually married a kind and caring man named Sean. For a time, Jessica hit a wall in her songwriting. She wondered if her music career was over.

But when she started to use music as a means of healing, everything transformed. What followed is the lyrics of her open and honest song, ‘My History.'

"All my story now belongs to me

I will start to build a better life for me

No one else will know what I could see

I am my survivor and you will be my history

Oh, I am my survivor and you will be my history

Oh, I am my survivor

And you are just my history"


Jessica Willis Fisher Shares The Story Behind Her Music

On a blog post, Jessica wrote about the story behind the powerful tune. "As I reached a new level of healing about my past and childhood experiences, I began a song that I struggled to piece together. It took time and there were a number of iterations over the rest of 2017. But once it was finally done, this song succeeding in ushering in a new wave of original art. I was relieved and reaffirmed in my belief that writing and music are beautiful and essential parts of who I am. That is the space I continue to exist in and I am in the thrill of brand new exploration."

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Others in a similar situation may be scared to speak up, but these words of hope and healing can offer encouragement and support to many.

WATCH: Jessica Willis Fisher – My History (Acoustic Video)

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