Kathie Lee Gifford Was At The Movies When She First Heard God’s Voice

Kathie Lee Gifford Movies Testimony

With Kathie Lee Gifford movies becoming more of a focus in the former daytime TV host’s career, she’s sharing a moving story of how she found God at the movie theater as a kid.

Outspoken Christian celebrity Kathie Lee Gifford knew that she wanted to be an actress since the moment that she was born. It was her dream to be in movies and entertain.

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So, Kathie remarked on how fitting it was that she found God at a movie theater!

God’s Presence In The Movie Theater

Kathie Lee Gifford was just 12 years old when she saw a movie called ‘The Restless Ones' by the Billy Graham organization.

Right there in the movie theater, Kathie heard the voice of God.

"He said ‘Kathie, I love you. And if you will trust Me, I will make something beautiful out of your life.'"

As Kathie Lee watched the movie, it became more and more clear that she needed God in her life.

The Christian celebrity remembers thinking, "I don't want the world's way. I want God in my life, I want to partner with Him. I felt the Lord speaking so clearly to my heart."

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From that moment on, she kept God first in her heart and strived to grow in her faith. "When I met Jesus, I wanted to know Him better." As she achieved fame and success, Kathie Lee always tried her best to use her large platform to spread the love and message of the Lord.

Today, she's sharing this incredible testimony with TBN and the impact God made that day. It truly shows how He can find a way to speak to us no matter where we are.

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