How The Tragedy Of Losing Their Son Turn Them Into The ‘Kindest Family’

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Tons of people know the Barróns as the kindest family despite the tragedy of losing their oldest son, Keaton, to leukemia when he was only 8 years old. Here’s their incredible story of turning their pain into purpose, which earned them the honor of being Parent’s Magazine’s America’s Kindest Family of 2021.

During one of his stays in the hospital, Kay, a family friend, visited Keaton and suggested they start a kindness club. For the past 5 years, ‘The K Club" has helped thousands of people in need and kept Keaton's legacy alive.

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That day in the hospital, Keaton made all the big decisions about their new organization like colors, purpose, member fees. He even drew the logo it still uses today.

Kay originally suggested the club as a way to distract Keaton from his illness and give the other kids in the hospital something fun to do. Soon enough, families and workers at the hospital donated, and the club continued growing.

Kindest Family Honors Beautiful Keaton’s Legacy

After only a few months since declaring the club's mission as "To be kind to others, be courageous, compassionate, and caring," Keaton passed away. Everyone that knew and loved him immediately carried on his kindness, and the club officially became a non-profit.

Throughout Keaton's childhood, his parents consistently taught him and his younger brothers to treat others with kindness and give to those less fortunate. Holly, the boys' mom, said, "When we’re out somewhere, we’re always thinking, ‘What can we do here? How can we help?'"

In the video, you can see this is just the kindest family. You can tell that giving back to the community is a normal part of the day for the Barróns. Through the K Club, the Barróns and other volunteers fundraise and collect donations for local charities AND help others around the world. The non-profit donated to build a well all the way over in Africa!

The Barróns and the K Club also provide a bunch of different gifts and support for children with cancer and their families. Unfortunately, Holly and her husband, Luke, know exactly what those families are going through. They hugged their little boy in and out of the hospital for over 5 years.

Serving Others As A Family

The K Club created a keepsake book for dying kids. With it, they record their voices for their families to cherish once they lose their battles. The ‘K Cares' part helps fund funerals, and a ‘K Boost' provides an extra boost of happiness when a child needs it.

Holly said, "It’s an honor to provide a tiny bit of hope or peace in the most unimaginable time in a family’s life."

From the day they were born, Keaton's brothers were taught to always show kindness and find different ways to help others - even when they may have needed help themselves.

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The incredible work done by the Barróns earned them the title of America’s Kindest Family of 2021. Parent’s Magazine conducted a nationwide search and combed through over 500 nominations. Ultimately, it was Keaton’s legacy and how the Barrón family has kept it going that earned them the honor of being named the Kindest Family.

God bless Keaton's family for sharing their tragedy with the world and transforming it into compassion. All of you are truly angels.

WATCH: Story Of How The Barróns Become ‘The Kindest Family’

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