Walmart Employee Hears Cries Coming From Vending Machine And Jumps Into Action

kitten in vending machine

One woman found a kitten in a vending machine during her lunch break and did all she could to save its life.

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Lindsey Russell works at a Walmart in Tennessee, and she was sitting in her car during her lunch break when she heard an animal crying. After investigating further, she realized a kitten was stuck in a vending machine, and she tried everything to get the little critter out.

"I tried all through my lunch and my last break to get her. I tried recruiting co-workers to help me get her, none of us could do it," Lindsey shared.

That's when she called the fire department to give her a hand with the rescue. They ended up prying open some panels in the back of the vending machine to let the kitten escape.

Kitten In Vending Machine Rescued By Walmart Employee

"We could hear it meowing as soon as we came up. We knew it was in there and kind of stressed out," fireman Doug Allison said. "If we can help save a life, animal or human, we'll do what we can do."

The kitten that was rescued ended up having grey stripes and blue eyes. Lindsay decided to name the little cutie and took her home with her.

"This is Pepper, Pepsi, Pep, whatever you'd like to call her. She's got a few nicknames now," Lindsey said.

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Thank goodness that Lindsey was nearby to hear the kitten's cries and was able to take action to rescue the adorable animal. Now the two have found each other and make such a sweet pair!

WATCH: Kitten Rescued From Vending Machine

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