Homeowner Spots Raccoon On The Roof And Instantly Realizes Things Have Gone Wrong

raccoon on the roof

A homeowner came home to find a raccoon on the roof in the most hilariously bizarre position. A call to animal rescue services sorted everything out but the photos of the poor creature still have folks laughing all across the internet!

Raccoons were the mascot of 2020 because they always wore a mask and washed their hands. But this particular raccoon isn't known for her handwashing and mask-wearing abilities. She garnered fifteen minutes of fame after trying to get back inside a house to get to her beloved babies.

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The Santa Cruz Wildlife Emergency Services received a rather odd call one day. A homeowner called to let them know there was half of a raccoon found wedged in a homeowner's roof.

Rescuers Free Raccoon On The Roof

Apparently, this sweet raccoon was doing what any good mom would do. She was trying to get back to her babies. The homeowners realized these little critters were cozied up inside the attic. So, they fixed the vent leading to the outside and assumed their masked crib crashers would no longer be a problem.

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But, what they didn't realize is that mom had gone out for the day to forage and left her brood safe and sound in the attic. When she returned, she found that the vent had been closed off. She did what any good mom would do and began digging a hole through the roof to get to her babies.

What happened next was rather hysterical. The mama raccoon became wedged in the roof and she had no way to get herself unstuck. The homeowners took a photo that went viral and it's no wonder. The photo reveals a mama raccoon with her hips, tail, and her back legs hanging out.

No mom ever wants to have a candid photo of her backend hanging out anywhere. It's akin to your skirt being stuck inside your pantyhose. And we've all had those days when it comes to raising littles haven't we? Poor mama raccoon!

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The Wildlife Emergency Services team went to work to get mama unstuck and got her reunited with her babies. They were also relocated to a safe place to find a new home. So, while the whole ordeal was likely stressful for the poor raccoon on the roof, there was thankfully a happy ending for all involved!

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter