A Touching Objection Lets Late Son Takes Part In His Parent’s Wedding

late son

On their wedding day, one couple is moved to tears after their late son was able to join them at the ceremony in a very special way.

Monica and Dean Berckenhoff have been together for years and they finally made the decision to tie the knot. Even though their friends and family were gathered around, they were missing one important person.

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In 2012, the couple lost their eleven-year-old son, Colton, after a freak accident. After his death, Colton donated his organs.

His heart went to Travis Stufflebean, who was 20 at the time. Travis was born with a bad heart and had been through five prior open-heart surgeries. Colton's heart ended up saving Travis' life.

Late Son’s Heart Was Able To Be At Parents’ Wedding

Even though he had never met the family, when he received a call from one of the family members, he knew he wanted to help with a special surprise. During the ceremony, the officiant asked if there were any objections.

That's when the bride's sister stood up and said, “I love both of you so very much and I know the one thing both of you would want so much is to have Colton here.” Even though they couldn't see their late son in person, they had the next best thing.

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Just then, Travis walked from the side door and embraced the couple. Colton's heart was with his parents, as they became husband and wife. Travis even brought a stethoscope so that Monica and Dean could hear that precious heartbeat one more time.

What a beautiful reason for a wedding objection.

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