Great-Granddad With Alzheimer’s Gets Fed By Caring Child

great-granddad with alzheimer's

A touching moment is captured on camera when this sweet child feeds his great-granddad with Alzheimer's. The tender care that the little boy shows him will just warm your heart!

Children truly see the world through a completely different set of eyes than adults. They are full of innocence and wonder. It's a trait that a lot of us wish we still had today.

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With kids, there is no judgment and no fear of embarrassment. They simply care for others with a full heart of love. 6-year-old Colton Keith is a shining light of the love and kindness from a child.

Just watch as he sits as the table and helps feed his great-granddad, Franklin Frye. 79-year-old Franklin suffers from Alzheimer's and dementia. He is unable to do most routine tasks, such as feeding himself, on his own. That's when little Colton stepped up to assist.

Great-Granddad Fed By His Kind Great-Grandson

The entire time Colton continues to talk to his great-granddad and make sure that all his needs are taken care of. It's truly an incredible act of selflessness from this young boy. This is such a perfect example of how amazing God's children truly are.

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God puts so much time and effort into every detail of our being and He definitely knew what He was doing when He made children. They are truly a guiding light for us when this world can seem like a big distraction. And their selfless acts remind us all that it is the simple things that really matter in this life.

Let Colton's example fill us with love, kindness, and faith in our Lord.

WATCH: Selfless Kid Feeds His Great-Granddad With Alzheimer’s

h/t: Godtube