Lauren Daigle Makes Late Night Debut ‘Look Up Child’

Lauren Daigle is on fire! Making her late night debut on The Tonight Show, Lauren Daigle wowed Jimmy Fallon with her performance of "Look Up Child". With a powerful message of hope and a unique sound, Lauren is quickly gaining fans from the entire music industry.

"Where are You now

When darkness seems to win?

Where are You now

When the world is crumbling?"

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"Look Up Child" is the second album for Lauren Daigle. The contemporary Christian artist's voice has been compared to that of artists such as Adele and Amy Winehouse. A short run on American Idol introduced Lauren to the music industry. But she quickly realized mainstream music wasn't the right fit for her. Lauren needed to use her God-given gifts to share the message on her heart. God needed to be the center of her music!

With her new focus, Lauren's music is taking the world by storm and the message of hope and love is radiating not just in the Christian music world but across the music industry as a whole.

Lauren Daigle Wowed Jimmy Fallon With Late Night Debut

Appearing on The Tonight Show, Daigle performed her single from the album of the same name "Look Up Child". Her soulful vocals and intensely encouraging lyrics are truly a breath of fresh air.

In the midst of a society fighting depression and discouragement "Look Up Child" is a perfect reminder to put our self-worth in the perspective of our Father in heaven!

"You’re not threatened by the war

You’re not shaken by the storm

I know You’re in control

Even in our suffering

Even when it can’t be seen

I know You’re in control"

Lauren Daigle Wows Jimmy Fallon With Late Night Debut


What a blessing to know that God is in control! He already won the battle and we can rest in His perfect peace for our lives!


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