Mom Given Just Months to Live Leans on Faith in the Face of Terminal Diagnosis and Gets a Miracle

Lindsey Gritton is a walking miracle, and she believes in the power of prayer.

Lindsey was six months pregnant when she says doctors misdiagnosed that she had a clogged milk duct. Thankfully, she advocated for herself and asked for testing to be sure.

Those tests revealed that she needed immediate medical attention. But doctors said even then, nothing would cure her.

Lindsey Gritton’s Terminal Diagnosis

The devastating diagnosis of stage 4 terminal breast cancer rocked Lindsey Gritton’s world to its core. Doctors issued a grim prognosis that left this sweet young mother, pregnant with hope and dreams, with only six months to live. She went to the doctor concerned about a clogged milk duct and insisted on getting an ultrasound. Her life turned upside down in an instant when they found cancer.

She was a mother to a precious little girl, Saylor, and six months pregnant with her second daughter. The weight of such news would crush the spirit of many, but Lindsey embarked on a courageous battle against cancer with unwavering determination.

Lindsey’s Cancer Battle Begins

One week later, she had an induction to give birth to her daughter Savannah Grace to begin fighting cancer through aggressive cancer treatments. Even with the treatment plans, her doctors said it wouldn't make a difference, and she needed to help prepare her family to cultivate a life without her. Lindsey clung to her faith and prayed God would do the impossible.

In the meantime, she focused on creating as many memories as possible with her daughters and her husband, Spencer. Lindsey’s primary goal was not just to survive but to thrive, making lasting memories with her loved ones.

“I was taking in every second, trying to soak up everything,” Lindsey said. “I made a scrapbook, I wrote letters to my kids, I made videos, everything. I was trying to do everything I could.”

Chemo, a formidable foe in itself, claimed Lindsey’s hair, but it never touched her spirit, and her unwavering faith in God was her ultimate healer. She faced the trials of treatment with grace and resilience, all while cherishing the precious moments with her family.

This mom, who was given just months to live, leaned on faith in the face of a terminal diagnosis and gets a miracle. In a world often filled with trials and tribulations, there are moments that shine through as testaments to the miraculous power of faith, resilience, and the unwavering strength of the human spirit.

Lindsey Gritton’s story is one such incredible journey, a tale that underscores the profound miracles that can unfold even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges because we serve a God who can do the impossible.

Lindsey Gritton’s Miracle

As she approached each scan with bated breath, hoping for a glimmer of good news, what transpired was nothing short of a miracle. The once bleak prognosis gave way to a remarkable turnaround. Against all odds, Lindsey’s tumors began to shrink, defying the very expectations of her medical team.

The joy and disbelief that followed were palpable, a testament to the miraculous healing that unfolded in Lindsey’s life. Instead of soaking up every precious moment with only six months to live, Lindsey will get to soak up every moment of watching her daughters grow up!

“We knew that was really good. We just didn’t know how long this treatment was going to work for. And then at the end of chemo, we weren’t expecting it, but everything was gone. My scan showed nothing was there," Lindsey said. “We were so happy after we found out there was no cancer in my body. We couldn’t, honestly, no one could believe it. It was really crazy and surreal.”

As we praise God over the battle won in Lindsey’s life, let us also reflect on the power of prayer. Let us give thanks for the strength found in community. And may we always remember how miracles are God's specialty. We serve a God who spoke the stars into existence. Our God parted the Red Sea. He brought the dead back to life, and He is still in the business of miracles today! Lindsey Gritton’s journey is a living testament to an enduring truth. Her life is proof that through faith and perseverance, miracles can and do happen.

"He is the one you praise; he is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes," Deuteronomy 10:21.

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