2 Coworkers Bond Over Having Same Tattoo, Only to Learn They’re Long-Lost Biological Sisters

biological sisters reunite at work

Many of us were raised alongside our siblings, but these two biological sisters discovered each other much later in life. And their discovery came about in a very unusual way.

First coworkers, then work friends, and now they realize the truth – they are related.

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Cassandra Madison and Julia Tinetti both found themselves working in New Haven, Connecticut at the Russian Lady Bar. The women are just a year apart in age, Cassandra is 32 and Julia is 31 years old. Aside from being similar in age, they found they shared other similarities also. Both women were adopted from the Dominican Republic, and they each have a tattoo of the nation's flag.

They started their jobs together in 2013, which is where they met and began building their friendship from there.

Julia commented, "After that moment, we were so tight. We started hanging out. We would go out for drinks, for dinner, we started dressing alike."

They clearly had a lot in common, but far more than they knew. The two women began to suspect a shared genetic history beyond their knowledge but could not prove anything. Adoption records listed different first and last names for the mother, and even different cities that they came from.

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They couldn't prove their shared history as biological sisters, but one of Julia's friends, Molly Sapadin, did some more digging.

Miraculous Discovery For Biological Sisters

Molly, age 31, was also adopted from the Dominican Republic. With a lot more searching, she started making discoveries. Molly and Julia were adopted on the same day and had the same woman listed as their mother.

Were they biological sisters? With a DNA test Molly found out she was a twin, though her sister was not Cassandra or Julia. She did find out Cassandra was her cousin. But what about the relation between Cassandra and Julia?

Cassandra took her own DNA test and matched with a cousin. The cousin was then was able to connect her to her father, Adriano Luna Collado. Cassandra met him and her siblings in 2018. She could not meet her biological mother, Yulianna Collado, who passed 3 years prior.

She asked her father if he put another daughter up for adoption, and he acknowledged that he and Yulianna had following hard times within their family.

Cassandra shared, "He said, ‘It was just a difficult time for your mom and I. So, I don't like to talk about it. I don't like to think about it.'"

With this news, Julia took a DNA test and in January of this year found out she and Cassandra were indeed biological sisters. From the Collado family came nine children and only two were adopted.

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Cassandra and Julia can now have an even tighter bond, a bond that now represents a long-lost family tie.

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