Lost Wedding Video Miraculously Reappears So Husband Decides To Surprise His Wife With It

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Drew and Kayla Gottfried’s lost wedding video seemed like it was gone forever. But then Drew got a call from someone who’d found the missing footage and he knew just what to do!

I'm crying, Kayla is crying, and I know you'll be crying after you watch this incredibly sweet and romantic gesture.

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In the video, Drew explains, "This is my wife, Kayla. Today is our 14th wedding anniversary! She has never seen a video of our wedding ceremony. We were told shortly after our wedding that the video had been accidentally erased."

Like many brides, Kayla had planned for their big day to be forever captured on video. All was well until the couple wanted to watch it and transfer the video from an old VHS tape to a new digital format. That's when the couple learned the tape was blank. Needless to say, Kayla was beyond devastated over the lost wedding video.

Lost Wedding Video Miraculously Reappears

14 years later, Drew got a call from a friend at church. This friend was cleaning out the church library of videos when he recognized Drew and Kayla on the film!

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“He was just going through old tapes of the church and he found one and saw that he recognized us from the video,” Drew said. Then he went on to explain, “He didn’t even know that we didn’t have our videos. He just found it and messaged me and said, ‘Look what I found.'”

Can you believe it? Well, Drew didn't either but then it gave him an idea to surprise his wife on their 14th wedding anniversary. He took the lost wedding video that his wife has never seen down to a movie theater and requested a private viewing party. Drew then rented out the theater.

Wife’s Touching Reaction

On the day of their anniversary, Drew took Kayla to the movies and she has no idea she is about to see her lost wedding video for the first time. Drew turns on his phone to record this moment.

After all the previews end, familiar voices begin to play and then the screen is filled with those familiar faces. Instantly Kayla recognizes her friends and family and she knows it's a video of their wedding. She doesn't just cry, the woman begins to bawl tears of joy as they get to finish watching their wedding for the first time after 14 years.

This emotional video has received more than 61 million views on TikTok. It's such a beautiful testament to just how much he cherishes his bride!

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"I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now." Philippians 1:3-5

WATCH: Husband Surprises Wife With Lost Wedding Video


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